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Dreaming Wide Awake Part II

I've had to split this into parts because LJ doesn't like me. MEH. ANYWAYS.

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You can see where I'm going with this, right? ;D

Dreaming Wide Awake (Teaser)

THIS IS IT. I HAVE FINALLY DONE IT. My first lemon~ I am now officially a writer of smut... and it feels good >;D I welcome any critique or pointers people have with it... as it's my first I didn't expect it to be perfect and whatnot. I did try and avoid using hilarious cliche words for various parts of human anatomy... xD

EDIT: Now tis a bit longer~ Enjoy ;) I also put the songs I was listening to before every scene if that floats anyones boat

Dreaming Wide Awake


I've decided I really like writing Thor's character. xD He's so loveable :3

Loki fic for Renee

I've not got round to giving this one a title or a summary yet but this is a taster of the first chapter. It's going to have teh love passion lemon that I promised in it later on obviously. :D It's for an aesir character set pre Thor.

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So yeah, thoughts? Improvements? Are any of my characterisations off? Tis the first time I've written Thor and pre Avengers Loki. Teeeeeeeeeelll meeeeeeee! *sad pouty face*

Mind Games Chapter 4 preview

This chapter is nowhere near done but I can't writes anymore tonight because I have to get up at 6am tomorrow >.> It VEXES me.

Hope you guys enjoy the snippet anyhow :) I was listening to the song 'She is' sung by Gabriela Robin from the Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex OST. It's rather creepeh and fit the atmosphere I was going for well I think.
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Loki/Avengers fic

See, I promised I was writing this :P Admittedly I have too many fics running around my head these days to keep track of everything but I figured should just get the freshest stuff out of my brain and try keep up with Pranks Wars when I get the time :)
Read more...Collapse )If you couldn't guess from my teeny hint, I gave her the ability to read minds. Seeing as I'm pretty sure Loki has a similar ability, obviously things aren't going to work her way :P Expect lots of Loki (obviously) and mind games :D Hope you guys liked it

Unfinished Works- Part I

Hey guys :3

I was just looking through my old documents today and realised I have a LOAD of unfinished fics or one shots that haven't seen the light of day. Some of which I read and think 'dude, this would have been awesome!'. So I figured I should just post some of them here anyways and see what ones people genuinely want continued :D Obviously there's six Shikamaru fics in there, but I've got a two Cid Raines fics, a Luzzu from FFX fic, the start of a Balthier fic from FFXII, a tiny bit of a Kirihara Ayaka fic from PoT and the starts of two Stein fics from Soul Eater. All reader inserts of course ^^ I'll post a mix up just now and see what people think.

The Trickster


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